These are some of our dogs currently  for sale.  All pointers are Elhew bred.  




Jed is a year old.  He is pointing his birds, been shot over, and collar conditioned.  His range is close and he is beginning to retrieve. $2000




Major is 8 months old.  He is pointing birds, holding birds, and having them killed for him.  He is collar conditioned.  He is hunting dead and retrieves to hand...loves to retrieve.   He has an excellent nose. $1500



Bess is 3 years old.  She is broke on her birds, points, backs and retrieves.  Her range is close. 




Babe is 8 months old.  She is pointing birds, handling in the field, and collar conditioned.  Birds being shot over her.  She is starting to retrieve.  Her range is medium.  $1750.




 John is 18 months old.  He is holding his birds, collar conditioned, and whoa broke, and retrieving..  His range is medium.